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            企業簡介 Introduction



              Zhoushan Ningtai Ocean Fisheries Co., LTD., established in August 2009, is a private pelagic fishery enterprise of sole proprietorship. On 10 May 2010, it was granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA) the certificate of qualification for pelagic fishery.
              Upholding the principle of “standardizing development and working together for win-win outcomes”, our company has been committed to developing “Green Oceans and Green Products”. Taking advantage of the strengths of Zhoushan in fishery technologies, policies, and resources, Ningtai actively participates in economic and technological cooperation in fishery in international high seas to further extend and explore ways to develop oceanic pelagic fishery.
              With strong fleets of fishing vessels and reefer vessels as well as abundant experience in fishery & vessel management, Ningtai will stick to the idea of people-oriented management and continue our effort to build a professional management team to improve our soft power. Steadily pressing ahead on the dual track of professionalism and diversification, we will contribute our part to China’s effort to develop itself into a powerful country of pelagic fishery.


            地址:浙江省舟山市普陀區東港街道昌正街82號 昌正大廈1708室

            電話:0580-3801915 傳真:0580-3809077



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