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            董事長致辭 Chairman's Address

              Since its establishment, Ningtai has been actively involved in the front line of pelagic fishery production. After years of efforts, our company has developed large pelagic fishing fleets comprised of fishing vessels and reefer vessels. Moreover, it has grown into a modern pelagic fishery enterprise devoted to fishing, transportation, cold chain storage, sales, trade and ancillary services. Our company has gained encouraging achievements, which in turn builds up its strong reputation in the pelagic fishery industry.
              In the new economy, the Ningtaians who are of exceptional wisdom, will “draw on the strengths of others” and uphold the spirit of “openness and inclusiveness” to build their own brand. In the new era, the Ningtaians, who are of remarkable diligence, will stay firm in the belief that “one should remain true to the original aspiration when forging ahead”, and remain committed to pelagic fishery. Faced with new opportunities, the Ningtaians, who are of extraordinary determination, will demonstrate their resolve to “keep a grateful mind and cultivate marine areas”, and devote themselves to the Belt and Road Initiative.
              “The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit”. Together with all the Ningtaians, I am ready to join hands with all parties to help each other in the same boat and forge ahead with courage, so as to contribute to the prosperity of China’s pelagic fishery industry.
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